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Update Day : 2016年5月16日

Introduction to Hyuga City

Geography and Climate

Hyuga City is a small port city located in Miyazaki Prefecture, just south of Nobeoka. The central city is located on flatlands between the Kyushu Mountains and the Hyuga Sea. The area along the Cape of Hyuga with its exposed hexagonal pillar rocks and ria (saw tooth) coastline are designated as part of the Nippo-Kaigan Quasi-National Park. A bit south are famous surfing beaches such as Ise-ga-hama, Okura-ga-hama, and Kane-ga-hama.

Hyuga has a mild, but humid subtropical climate with no dry season. The climate is comparable to the southern coastal areas of the United States or southern Europe. The average summer daytime temperature is about 30°C (86°F) with 80% humidity. The average winter daytime temperature is about 13°C (56°F) with 60% humidity. Early summer is marked with the rainy season, known as tsuyu, in June and July. Tsuyu is followed by a hot, humid summer and daily sunshine, but is often accompanied by typhoons. Winter is mild with small amounts of rain.


History and Lore

With its port protected on either side by large mountains, Hososhima,Hyuga's waterfront region,has served as a gateway to the rest of the prefecture since olden times.

According to legend, the first Japanese Emperor came from Miyazaki. Ninigi, grandson of the Sun goddess Amaterasu, came to Miyazaki and lived there for many years. Eventually his grandson, Jimmu, launched an invasion of Honshu from Mimitsu (southern Hyuga). He conquered the Yamato Plains (current day Nara), establishing himself as the first Emperor of Japan and the start of the long line of Emperors since.

Near that spot, there is also a large boulder of naturally fused pebbles. This is the boulder mentioned in the Japanese National Anthem.


Sister / Friendship Cities

Weifang, Shandong Province, China (since February 25, 1986)

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